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Brit Tarot Logo - Drawing of two half moons flanking a full circle all in dark blue with crystals and cards inside

Meet Brit


Brittany is a psychic and intuitive tarot reader who focuses her passion exclusively on fertility readings. She uses her intuition to offer guidance and encourages clients to move in a positive direction during their fertility journey as well as helping face challenges that may lie ahead for them. Brittany knows firsthand the difficulties of trying to conceive, as she has PCOS and has undergone treatment for infertility such as IVF with multiple failed embryo transfers and early losses. 


When you schedule your fertility reading with BritTarot, you will receive an accurate reading as Brittany has predicted thousands of pregnancies all around the world in just two years. Brittany can look into a range of issues you may need clarity on for your current or future pregnancy. BritTarot strives to keep a variety of different fertility readings available that can accommodate everyone. 

Brittany of BritTarot sitting on steps behind decorative metal railing
Brittany of BritTarot sitting in front of flowers wearing a black dress
Brittany of Brit Tarot leaning on her wife in hospital room wearing masks
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