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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer rechecks?

In the case that you do not become pregnant within the time-frame predicted, I will offer a free reading to recheck timing. I also recheck for  pregnancies I have predicted, but resulted in a loss. To recieve a recheck, you must email me at and fill out the form that is sent to you. Rechecks will be done on the last Sunday of the month. 

How do your readings work?

When you book an appointment for a private reading, you will have an option to book a written reading. You will enter basic information such as your name and email address. The reading will go to the email that you provide and instructions will be sent to you for the day of the appointment. To help connect, I will request a photo of you for your reading. 

When you book a LIVE reading, you will choose which reading you'd like to get done on TikTok LIVE. These are first come first serve basis. It could take hours before I am able to read for you depending on volume. I ask that you have a profile picture of yourself on TikTok so that I am able to connect for the reading. 

Can I customize my reading?

The readings I offer are certain spreads that I pull. However, if for example you prefer the gender to not be revealed or something else then I will leave that out and replace it with something else! During your appointment, feel free to ask.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please reference the Cancellation Page.

Can lifestyle factors change the outcome of my reading?

The reading is surrounding the energy of your present situation. The universe is always changing. If you add in certain factors such as birth control, change in partners, change in sex life, ect. then the outcome can certainly be affected.

Can you predict who the father will be?

I do not pull cards regarding father information.

Who can get a reading?

Anyone is able to get a reading, all are welcome. I have predicted pregnancies for people who have PCOS/Endometriosis and other diagnosis relating to infertility, for surrogacy/gestational carriers, LGBTQ+ couples, and for those who are just curious. All are welcome. 

Have you not been able to pick up on any pregnancies before?

This does happen on rare occasions when I am not able to pick up on any future pregnancies. When this happens I offer to look into the energy of other options as well if the client is willing.

How many pregnancies have you predicted?

I have predicted thousands of pregnancies around the world since January 2021. Visit my Success Stories to see the testimonials! 

What is the return policy for purchases on Brit's Apothecary store?

Please see the Shipping & Returns page.

What is the shipping cost and time on Brit's Apothecary store?

Please see the Shipping & Returns page.

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