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  • TikTok LIVE Reading
  • TikTok LIVE Reading
  • TikTok LIVE Reading

TikTok LIVE Reading

PriceFrom $5.55

Explore our range of readings and pricing options below to find the perfect fit for your needs! Scroll down to discover the different readings available and what each includes, then select the option that resonates with you.


Conventional Readings:


The Lovers Reading: ($24.24)

Relationship Reading

  • Personalized psychic session exploring the intricacies of relationships and love life. Gain clear guidance and insights regarding matters of love and romance.


Ace of Pentacles Reading: ($21.21)

Career Reading

  • Tailored psychic session delving into the complexities of career and finances. Obtain clear guidance and valuable insights regarding money, career paths, business endeavors, and financial matters.


The Magician Reading: ($28.28)

General Predictive Reading

  • Unlock the secrets of tomorrow with this psychic predictive reading, foreseeing a spectrum of future events and possibilities. Gain clarity on what may lie ahead on your journey.


The World Reading: ($23.23)

Conventional/General Reading (current situation, not future)

  • Unlock the mysteries of your present circumstances with a psychic tarot reading, offering intuitive insights and guidance tailored to your unique situation. Delve deep into the cards to uncover clarity and understanding about the challenges and opportunities surrounding you.


Fertility & Pregnancy Readings:


Moonstone Fertility Reading ($25.25)-

  • Predicted time frame of conception (month and year included)

  • Predicted gender of baby


Carnelian Fertility Reading ($19.19)-

  • Predicted time frame of conception ONLY (month and year included)


Rose Quartz Pregnancy Reading ($30.30)-

  • Birthdate Prediction
  • Predicted gender of baby




Clear Quartz Reading ($5.55)-

  • 1 Yes or No Question ONLY


During the live session, readings and divinations are performed in the order of purchase, with no guarantee of timing. Once completed, readings are non-refundable, and if absent, information will be sent via email.

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